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The standard to adhere to floor lamps and the best heights

As with a lot of things in life, not absolutely all floor lamps are created equal. There’s a wide selection of styles, types, and heights in the world of lights that find their footing on the floor. But what do you need to consider when you commence thinking about what light to choose?

What height when your lamp be? Exactly what is a good standard elevation and exactly how was it chose a specific height is effective?


With regards to the best level for a floor lamps fixture, the first thing you need to bear in mind is the awareness of the light and the light bulb fitting.

When you are sitting or position, you want the lampshade on the floor lamp to conceal the bulb and it’s appropriate. This prevents needless glare, but in all honesty, also just appears better. A good standard height that works well is approximately 68 inches. That’s around 172 cm for our metric friends.

Statements in any space

A floor light fixture (with a good elevation) can boost a room and be a focal point. It could even end up being the central persona in room, by not only adding light but also adding an affirmation.

Needless to say, you can make a decision what will work in your space. A floor lamps fixture can be a statement piece, but you don’t necessarily have to have a floor lamp fixture be the primary actor in a room. See more.

Standard height, but not the standard light

When you select a floor light and you have decided if you want a standard light fixture or one that is taller or shorter, you also need to consider the type of light you want from your floor lamp fixture.

  • A standard floor lamp can provide either ambient light or job light. If you wish to use the light to make a softer identity and warm light in the area it could be higher.
  • But if you desire a reading lamp fixture next to a sofa or armchair, the bottom advantage of the lampshade should be at around vision level.
  • Doing this the light will be in the best position for reading or other duties. That means the top of the light should be around 60 in’’ (150cm) from the floor.

What you need from the lamp?

Lastly, there are many things that can make a floor light work for what you need. Consider what you need from the lamp, would you like to enhance the ambient light, make a statement or do you need better light to learn it?

Consider how big is your room and the existing furniture you have in the space. That way you’ll also be able to narrow your choice of lamp down to one that fits you best.

All of these factors are important, but the most crucial is that you choose a floor lamps (no matter how high or brief) that works with your sense of style and your needs.

Hopefully, this part has given you some tips that you can use whenever choosing a floor light. Understanding that a standard height lamp can be a good choice, however, the best height of your floor lamps fixture is the one which best fits you. More details in site: http://gigalamp.com/category/floor-lamp-reviews/